Sunday, November 25, 2018


Hey Y'all! 
I got sucked into another vortex of delicious art, this time it was at Candytopia in San Francisco. Located conspicuously close to the Museum of Ice Cream, this new pop-up features interactive art displays made entirely of candy.
This candy factory is a maze of themed rooms, sweet treats to eat and wondrous candy displays. Each featured art piece includes a plaque letting guests know how many jellybeans(or what have you) were used and also how much all that candy weighs. It was really nice getting the inside scoop of the hours spent on these masterpieces. Guests are also encouraged to touch and photograph the candy art which was really fun. I don't want to give too much away but here are a few of my favorites! 

One part of this experience that set it apart from the MOIC are their Sugar Rush photo-ops. A few rooms have cameras set up on the ceiling with timers. The photos are then emailed to you automatically. That was a big plus for me. You know I love my pictures!
My favorite space by far was the magic confetti room. Imagine candy pigs in tutus, jellybean unicorns and buckets of rainbow confetti falling from the sky! It brought out the kid in me instantly. I could have stayed in there forever!
This rooms particular Sugar Rush had a spinning color circle with a TON of confetti raining down! Can we say Holiday Card!?
Towards the end of the candy journey, much like the MOIC sprinkle pool, Candytopia features a giant pool filled with faux marshmallows. Stepping into this soft pit of white was hilarious, just trying to get from one side to the other was exhausting! he he But we loved it!
Candytopia was so awesome, I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in the area. This museum stresses the importance of candy in our lives...the importance of artistic expression and the ability to just have fun! That is everything!
Thanks Candytopia and San Francisco, until next time!
Cheers, Bunny

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Lovin' in the Coven

Hey there, who needs drink!?
This bunny does ha ha ha! So I broke out my True Blood Cookbook and found a tasty cocktail to warm my day.
The Lovin' in the Coven includes lemon citrus vodka, lemon, egg white, simple syrup and a blood orange mixer. I adore blood orange mixes, they add such a pop of flavor to any drink, especially paired with vodka.
This cocktail was a bit like a lemony gin fizz thanks to the egg white. So yummy! 
I couldn't quite get the blood orange to float on top but that did not hinder it's deliciousness.
Thanks for watchin! 

Monday, July 30, 2018

Bob's Burgers Magic

Hey Ya'll! 
Guess what? I found a Bob's Burgers Burger Cookbook!
 Lately Bob's has been everywhere, even Blue Apron is doing dishes with their "joke" burgers. I was stoked to find this cookbook and give their recipes a go. Plus food that involve grilling really peaked Craig's interest! Each page in this cookbook showcases simple to slightly less simple burgers. Plus each one is taken straight out of an episode, so turn up the fun and turn on the show while you eat he he!
The first burger we tried was the Bruschetta Bout It Burger. Super yummy and unique. I love bruschetta so it was right up my alley. Plus I have never had a burger using balsamic as the sauce which was interesting and new. Thanks Bob!
 The next burger we chose was the Bet It All on Black Garlic Burger.
This burger features a decadent black garlic mayo, fresh spinach and mozzarellaIt was delicious! Super simple...except finding black garlic wasn't easy. I ended up using Amazon LOL! Oh man, here in Santa Cruz we have a lot of specialty shops but none had the garlic. Much like the episode...I needed the garlic, it's what makes it special!
Bob knows what he is talking about! We both really enjoyed the rich smokey black garlic. It really took the mayo to a whole new level. Something we would have never thought to use. YUM!
I can't wait to pick new burger recipes to try! Just paging through the book there are some really unique ideas!
 Now you can create burgers from this beloved TV show too. So I urge your inner Bob to pick up a copy and get to grillin. They even have a recipe for fries!
Thanks for tuning in!

Sunday, June 24, 2018

SF: Museum of Ice Cream

Tucked into classic architecture and busy streets sits the Museum of Ice Cream's San Francisco installment.  

This pop-up museum explores the origins of ice cream through themed rooms and interactive displays, including giant gummy bears and animal cookie art. Most importantly a pool filled with sprinkles created to satisfy the kid in all of soon as I heard about their famed sprinkle pit I knew we had to go!

  Unlike most museums this exhibit is more of a journey moving from room to room with other guests, never going backwards. Creating a path through giant cherries and clouds. The museum holds a limited number of tickets with designated entry times to cut back on the wait. Even with the entry times, there were a lot of people, though with the museums popularity I wasn't surprised. Still, there was enough time and space to try out the animal cracker 'rides'. Highlight of my birthday he he!

 A few of the rooms held a deeper meaning, one of acceptance. The museum houses a love for delicious ice cream but more importantly the belief that we are all unique and worthy of love. That's what I took away from it, all flavors welcome he he. One of the first rooms sported floor to ceiling magnetic white boards where we were invited to create a positive message. I love that someone had to bring Beyonce into the mix!
The museum guides each had their own room to look after, complete with ice cream questions and awesome crowns made from cones and sprinkles. PS. snag your own crown at the gift shop! I loved how they interacted with guests and seemed to really enjoy showing us through the maze.

A few of the rooms even offer specialized treats. The old-school diner passed out soft serve ice cream cones while the next room had cotton candy! But my favorite treat was in the mint room. After guides asked each guest to share a fun memory they served little mochi balls filled with mint ice cream! YUM!
Around one turn we were greeted by two lovely unicorns. We couldn't touch their horns but a picture was encouraged. This rainbow room complete with unicorn magic carried the Museum of Ice Cream's theme of acceptance and love with it.

Past all of the fanciful lands we finally made it to the sprinkle pool! It was such a funny I jumped into the pit of rainbows my feet sank and my inner child awoke! My mind knew that we were adults sitting in a small pool filled with tiny plastic sprinkles but my heart was thrilled. Both Craig and I enjoyed it more than we thought we would! I wish we could have stayed longer.
 The Museum of Ice Cream is modern, colorful and sublimely simple. The concept is brilliant, ice cream with sprinkles of positive messages on top. Definitely made for a fun day! Check it out if you can and let the colors brighten you day!
Check out museum locations and tickets here:


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Jewelry Spot Light

Howdy Loves!
Jewelry has become a special bangle can really pull an outfit together. Lately I been obsessed with bracelets he he! Unfortunately I can't wear certain jewelry containing metal. I have a nickle/pot metal allergy and even silver jewelry can have some nickel mixed in. Totally when I stumble upon lovely jewelry using stones/gems I need to share! Plus is reminds me of gem hunting with my dad on our camping trips.
 Kinsley Armelle has some truly beautiful and fun pieces. They have all kinds of jewelry too, not just bracelets. I fell in love with this gem...from their Agate Collection. This beauty is called Silver Flurry!
Thank you Kinsley for my new stone bracelet!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Eminence Secret

Splotchy face? 
Try an Eminence Hot Phyto Masque!
About a year ago I was introduced to Eminence Organic Skin Care. I had been looking for more natural and nourishing products for my skin. Eminence is wonderful and they have so many different products. A few of my favorites are their Stone Crop Gel Wash and Fizzofolient. Another great tool in my beauty arsenal is the Eminence Phyto Hot Masque. See below. I try to use it about twice a month to even out my skin. The Hot Masque does get tingly and warm but it's totally manageable
After removing you do get a nice red skin gets bright red so I love to follow the mask with a layer of nourishing Red Current Moisturizer.
Next step: GLOW!
I've had a lot of fun trying out Eminence products and one secret I found are sample packs! Check out Amazon, it definitely cuts down on the price. For the real deal you can find Eminence at local beauty spas or boutiques. Skin Care experts can match the best products for you skin type.
Thanks for reading! xoxo 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Confetti Cake Truffles

 Happy Sunday! 
Last weekend I made some yummy Cake Truffles courtesy of Milk Bar Bakery. They came in such a cute box that I had to try em confetti cake, need I say more?! The box included the cake mix, chocolate coating and crumb coating. These were much like cake pops, minus the stick. 
Making the cake was first, which was yummy he he! Funfetti will always be king but you can't really go wrong with any kind of confetti/birthday style cake. Then toasting the crumb coating and melting the white chocolate coating.
After the cake cooled the real fun began and I got to brake up the cake by hand and form  them into balls, then roll it in the chocolate and crumb coating. I added each cake ball to a baking sheet to harden.
Each little ball looked so was honestly hard not to just inhale them. I kept telling myself that they were to share! 
And I did..share them that is. I took some to work too. These Confetti Cake Truffles were such a nice treat. Perfect combo of crumbly, chewy, sweet and savory. The Milk Bar site actually includes lots of recipes and instructions. 
Check them out!
Thanks Milk Bar, my taste-buds and friends thank you. 
-Bunny xoxo