Saturday, April 14, 2018

Jewelry Spot Light

Howdy Loves!
Jewelry has become a special bangle can really pull an outfit together. Lately I been obsessed with bracelets he he! Unfortunately I can't wear certain jewelry containing metal. I have a nickle/pot metal allergy and even silver jewelry can have some nickel mixed in. Totally when I stumble upon lovely jewelry using stones/gems I need to share! Plus is reminds me of gem hunting with my dad on our camping trips.
 Kinsley Armelle has some truly beautiful and fun pieces. They have all kinds of jewelry too, not just bracelets. I fell in love with this gem...from their Agate Collection. This beauty is called Silver Flurry!
Thank you Kinsley for my new stone bracelet!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

My Eminence Secret

Splotchy face? 
Try an Eminence Hot Phyto Masque!
About a year ago I was introduced to Eminence Organic Skin Care. I had been looking for more natural and nourishing products for my skin. Eminence is wonderful and they have so many different products. A few of my favorites are their Stone Crop Gel Wash and Fizzofolient. Another great tool in my beauty arsenal is the Eminence Phyto Hot Masque. See below. I try to use it about twice a month to even out my skin. The Hot Masque does get tingly and warm but it's totally manageable
After removing you do get a nice red skin gets bright red so I love to follow the mask with a layer of nourishing Red Current Moisturizer.
Next step: GLOW!
I've had a lot of fun trying out Eminence products and one secret I found are sample packs! Check out Amazon, it definitely cuts down on the price. For the real deal you can find Eminence at local beauty spas or boutiques. Skin Care experts can match the best products for you skin type.
Thanks for reading! xoxo 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Confetti Cake Truffles

 Happy Sunday! 
Last weekend I made some yummy Cake Truffles courtesy of Milk Bar Bakery. They came in such a cute box that I had to try em confetti cake, need I say more?! The box included the cake mix, chocolate coating and crumb coating. These were much like cake pops, minus the stick. 
Making the cake was first, which was yummy he he! Funfetti will always be king but you can't really go wrong with any kind of confetti/birthday style cake. Then toasting the crumb coating and melting the white chocolate coating.
After the cake cooled the real fun began and I got to brake up the cake by hand and form  them into balls, then roll it in the chocolate and crumb coating. I added each cake ball to a baking sheet to harden.
Each little ball looked so was honestly hard not to just inhale them. I kept telling myself that they were to share! 
And I did..share them that is. I took some to work too. These Confetti Cake Truffles were such a nice treat. Perfect combo of crumbly, chewy, sweet and savory. The Milk Bar site actually includes lots of recipes and instructions. 
Check them out!
Thanks Milk Bar, my taste-buds and friends thank you. 
-Bunny xoxo

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sakara Detox II Program Adventure

Sakara Detox Adventure

For so long I have wanted to try a Sakara program, much like Ariel I wanted to be a part of Whitney and Danielle's world. I wanted to walk in their shoes and hopefully feel the benefits of Sakara nutrient rich foods. As far as detox programs go, it was a little pricey but I really felt that you received a lot for your money and after much pleading I talked Craig into letting me try the Sakara Detox II Program.

So what drove this land mermaid to try a detox, besides the lure of Sakara glowing skin, well curiosity and a long struggle with loving my own body. As simple as that statement may be there are many layers to that onion. To keep it brief I have never felt comfortable in my own skin, be it physically or mentally. Anxiety and depression is a part of who I am and often its led to my own downfall. So I wanted to see what would happen if I tried to reboot my body, reset my habits. Would it help out my sleep, my SELF. Either way I needed to push my body and Sakara was a start!
When I saw their white box sitting on my porch I could not wait to open it! As I peeled off the tape a glowing light appeared and angels sang out...okay not really but I couldn't have been more excited. Each meal was boxed up and labeled for each day. Perfectly portioned out. Plus some light Sakara reading to better help understand the detox process.

Day 1-3 and 5 included a whole-food breakfast, lunch and a medicinal broth dinner. Plus digestive tea, a kefir coconut drink, detox and beauty water concentrates and daily supplements. Day 4 is soup day, including (you got it) soup and greens detox blends.
Each piece to this detox puzzle had been thought over. So many details to enrich your body. I have never detoxed before so I knew it would be a challenge. I was not afraid of the food, as I already don't eat meat but I was concerned about giving up sweets. My usual day consists of light snacking instead of big meals, I found that this worked best.
For first-timers Sakara mavens added a dry brush, for sweeping away the old you each morning and night. Dry brushing was kind of magical and actually made me think less about my anxiety picking compulsion. My skin was a part of this detox and it needed to be healed. 
Day one: 
For the first day of detox I started off with a High Fitness class at 6:00 am. I knew that detoxing might make me sluggish so I wanted to start off strong! After class I savored my first beauty water and morning supplements while packing for work. The Sakara lined tote was perfect for taking my meals to work. Breakfast was a lovely Root Veggie Detox. 
Could have been because it was my first Sakara meal, but I really loved the black beans and sweet potato! It seemed strange to eat such a rich proper meal but with each bite I was more and more satisfied. After breakfast my snack was to be digestive tea. tasted horrible but I kept at it ha ha ha! It was nice to have something warm to drink while dreaming of my go-to snack of almonds and Lara Bites.
Lunch was a Nori Wrap with Super-Food Wasabi for dipping. I didn't like the wrap as much and saved the wasabi for Craig. I don't enjoy the burn lol! It may have been the mushrooms or nori that got me but I ate as much as I could. Lunch came with a light salad and tangy sauce that I used with my wrap instead.
After some more tea, to tide me over I got to enjoy a Probiotic Coconut Kefir drink. The kefir boost was a dream after not having anything sweet all day. Even if it was really coconut water it had the tiny bit of sweet I was looking for and it was pretty refreshing as well. I was a little sad when it was gone!
Dinner was a Medicinal Broth. This was the scientifically designed Sakara component that I was most curious about. As instructed I heated up the broth and began sipping. It was much more enjoyable and filling than I thought it would be and felt like something my mom or a witch would stir up to help me feel better.

The day concluded with detox water, supplements and a dry brushing. I was introduced to the beauty and detox concentrates awhile ago but they remain one of my favorite wellness weapons. So simple yet effective. A few drops of beauty concentrate in the morning, a few detox at night in your water. Essential for travel as well! Sipping a glass of green chlorophyll water before bed felt cleansing and mentally I felt that it was preparing my body for rest.
Day Two:
Much like the day before, minus the High Fitness, I brushed away my sleepy skin, rinsed off and prepped for the day ahead. Breakfast was a Deep Forest Detox. The fennel and burdock root was different and tasty, it powered me through the day. I loved how there was a real richness and flavor to these seemingly simple ingredients!
Breakfast was interesting on day two, I fully enjoyed it but my stomach was done with strange food by the time lunch rolled around. I chose to have my teas and kefir boost instead. I hope that was okay to do? Plus since I had lunch at home, I could heat and plate it properly, as all Sakara dishes deserve! Lunch was more enjoyable than the previous day, sorry ladies, but my taste buds preferred these Falafels and Lemon Herb Pesto! Yum! 
Day three:
Waking up on day three I felt good and started to get used to dry brushing. It helped shed the old me, creating a stronger yet currently lethargic self. I drank my beauty water thoughtfully and prepped breakfast which was a Magic Mushroom Detox! I really enjoyed this meal. The taro-root mash and Chinese broccoli was delicious, I wanted more of it! 
But I still felt a pull toward chocolate he he! It was kind of funny taking notice of how many times I swung my chair around to where my snacks would have been LOL!
Lunch was equally yummy! Sakara prepared Purifying Cabbage Dumplings and Broth. I went home during my lunch to warm up this meal and tried to really enjoy each bite. The broth was a little too gingery for me but it was a nice touch with the dumplings.
Such a good lunch helped me through the rest of the work day and I was able to hold out on my kefir boost until I got home. Good thing too...evil work people brought in pastries!
That night for my Medicinal Broth I took the Sakara mavens advice and after heating up the broth I blended it. This made it a bit more frothy and complete. 
Thanks guys!
I sat back and enjoyed dinner contemplating the detox so far. I was more tired than normal, I could feel a difference. My body was definitely processing the detox...and it was a bit confused. I was still feeling a bloated too, so I consulted Annie with Sakara and she gave me a pep talk. She said all of those feelings were normal and to stick with the program! I had to remind myself that this wasn't a weight loss program, it was a body reset. A way to reduce bloating sure but also changing the way I look at food. Annie was so supportive!
Day Four: Soup day on a plane!

I felt like an idiot at first, thinking that the last detox day was Saturday. But I took this as an opportunity to push myself. Only being able to have liquids on a travel day was a blessing in disguise, saved us money and my tummy from buying packaged processed airport food and I got to get creative about taking liquids on the plane. I felt like a little clean food addict...sipping my little 3.5 oz bottles, savoring the coconut. I did bring some Sakara detox bars and a few Lara Bites just in case! Craig still got himself a burger during our short layover as I pounded little bottles of Greens. The Greens were hard to swallow LOL! After the first few bottles I had to take breaks to prepare myself to drink the rest. I was not used to this level of clean smoothies. were effective as well LOL!!
The rest of Day 4(one more greens blend, the Carrot Ginger Soup and Medicinal Broth) had to be packed, along with Day 5 meals. They all fared well on the trip and the hotel helped me heat up my soups! So nice!
There is no easy way to say this but the carrot  ginger soup was intense! I made Craig try some and he had a hard time with it and that says a lot! I wanted the full detox effect so I ate as much as I could. But it was not fun.
That night we walked around New Orleans a bit before retiring to our room for dinner. I could smell the beignets...their warm sugary dough called to was so hard to not give in. After the carrot soup, the Medicinal Broth for dinner was a DREAM! It was comforting and healing. Adding to that, night supplements and detox water and I was set for slumber.
Day Five:
 During the first four days I still felt a bit bloated and tired but when I woke up on Sunday I felt magical. I felt light and amazing! Sure I was on vacation but my body and mind really felt good. That Annie knew what she was talking about! This inspired me to keep going on my body journey! After beauty water and brushing I nibbled on squash frittata in bed like a queen ha ha ha. That was a special morning!

After breakfast my appetite was a bit gone at that point. Maybe my system wasn't really craving anything crazy? The funny thing about it was that I didn't mind and I didn't feel like I was missing out either. I even took my lunch salad and dinner on the road. My last Sakara lunch was a light Kale Salad. Perfect in it's simplicity. Saraka chefs really come up with some yummy dressings. I'll have to check out the Clean Boutique and see what options they have. Side note, the Sakara Clean Boutique has amazing snack! My favorites are the Super-food Granola and Dark Chocolate Cardamon Cookies!
My last Sakara dinner was a Macro Bowl with Japanese pumpkin! How cool! This dish was packed with so much flavor and included a light salad. I love that I got to try so many different combinations of plant based dishes. It really broadened my savory world! After dinner I followed the last steps... took my supplements, drank my green detox water and brushed my body down. Just like that the 5 Day Detox II was over and while this bittersweet window closed, it opened beautiful french doors...and that was inspiring!
I learned a few things about myself in the process and gained a new perspective on food and health. I now know that if I eat quality food I will be more empowered through the day. For example, one surprising thing that happened (or really didn't happen) was that I did not get shaky between meals. I really expected it to happen...usually I eat a little throughout the day and I avoid that drop in blood sugar. It makes sense that Sakara's specialized meals would impact my body in this way. Obviously I have been doing something wrong in my nutrition ha ha ha! I have so much to learn!
On the physical side, I was proud of myself for sticking to the detox plan, especially with vacation looming and that made me so happy! I'm really happy that I got the chance to end the detox here in New Orleans and challenge myself! I wasn't feeling as anxious either. My skin did feel brighter and less blotchy, plus I felt sexy (see Frog Princess costume below). That was an added bonus!
 After the Detox: 
My body was craving healthy foods, so that was good. Sure I wanted a beignet but moving forward I took things slow. Our hotel gave us some complementary champagne which I did have but only a little. I wanted a change...I wanted to think of food differently and this program pushed me in that direction. I was now not only conscious of what I was putting into my body, but I felt good about it. Eating a leafy green salad was not a punishment and some of the guilt I held around food was gone. My body craved whole, nutrient rich foods. Honestly, yes I will always love chocolate but that OKAY. Everything in moderation.
Sakara helped me get more in touch with myself and it put me on a path toward change. 
Thanks for readin!
Xoxo Bunny

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Get You Some Wings and Fly Away - True Blood Style

Guess who got a mini deep-fryer for Christmas! This lady!! Now I can properly make ANYTHING fried! Muahahaha! Which is kind of funny because we rarely eat fried food but it was one of those...I need this is my tiny kitchen items he he! Ok let's be honest...I knew it might elevate my beignet game and I was all for THAT! 
The True Blood Cookbook has a great recipe for wings and for a long time I had wanted to make fried chicken for Craig. The man deserves some meat!  
First thing was marinating the chicken in some Tabasco for about an hour, refrigerated of course. Then pouring in more veg oil than we would have thought into the fryer and letting it heat up to 350. While we waited for the oil to heat up, it was time to get the chicken ready. Mixed up the flour with some salt, pepper and garlic powder and then in a separate bowl whipped eggs and milk together.
Craig was helping me prepare the chicken legs and it wasn't until I took one of the little cold thighs into my hands that the realization hit me...I am not okay with this. Not to bring down the True Blood magic but my vegetarian nature was coming out and handling the chicken bits was so unappetizing. I've never been super picky about touching meat if it meant helping someone else. Other people eat meat and I have accepted like a champ I battered those thighs....flour to egg to flour but after three I was done. It hurt my heart. Okay...back to the yummy.
Craig finished battering the rest of the legs/wings while I worked on the sauce! And nothing says southern comfort food like fried chicken with blue cheese sauce! This particular wing sauce included: crumbled blue cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise, minced shallot and fresh lemon juice. 
It was fun plopping the chicken into the basket and letting it work it's magic. I could only dream of the beignets...fries...funnel-cakes....who knows! We let the chicken fry until golden brown, about 5 mins really. This little cooker is freakin amazing!
 Once cooled and drained of excess oil these babies were ready to serve. Obviously I have no idea what they tasted like but Craig likened them to a picnic in the park. They satisfied that need for fried meat and took him back to younger days, siting on a checkered blanket and scarfing on homemade chicken. The blue cheese sauce was a nice touch and definitely elevated their flavor.
Even though it was touch and go for me, I was really happy to try out my new fryer! It works wonderfully! I can't wait to try other recipes now that I have this new weapon in my kitchen arsenal he he!
Thanks for readin!
Love, Bunny

Monday, December 11, 2017

Double Chocolate Bread Pudding

That's right! Double Chocolate Bread Pudding! 
One of my favorite creations...mixing my love of sweet bread and molten chocolate lava cake. Honestly I was missing New Orleans and bread pudding seemed like the cure, then I remembered that we were visiting my aunt and uncle! Perfect timing. There was no way that we could eat it all on our own and it was too special not to share. 
To start I set the oven to 325 and buttered a 13 x 9 inch pan. Next I whipped up the 6 eggs and set aside and sifted the cocoa powder into a bowl. Then I proceeded to cut up my Brioche bread into about 1 inch pieces and placed them onto a baking sheet to toast for about 10 mins (turning them halfway through). This added more structure to the bread, which would soon be drowning in chocolate goodness. Once golden brown I set them aside to cool and poured the pieces into the buttered pan.
I put the chocolate pieces into a bowl and then brought the milk, cream, sugar and salt to a boil in a large pot. After stirring occasionally to dissolve the sugar I removed it from the heat and added in the vanilla. Then I held my breath and watched Craig pour it over the chocolate chips. The chips quickly began melting under the warmth. 
I let the mixture sit for about 5 mins then it was time to whisk to perfection. Slowly the milk turned into a rich hot chocolate. Next I took a 1/2 cup to whisk into the cocoa powder, added another 1/2 cup and then mixed in the eggs. The chocolate was getting big by that point so I transferred it to a larger bowl and added in the rest of the chocolate! Next step, pouring all but 1 cup over the bread. After this step you have to wait....
The last time I made bread pudding it was good but it didn't quite turn out how it was supposed to. This time, I really took the extra time to let it sit and soak. That made such a difference. I checked on the bread every 15 mins or so and pushed the pieces down and added in the extra chocolate mix to fully saturate the dish. 
Craig and I headed over the 17 to my aunt's house in Fremont to finish the dish. Bread pudding can take awhile and the car trip added some extra soaking time! With their oven at 350 I covered the dish with tinfoil and set it in a large baking dish with about an inch of water. After baking for 45 mins I removed the foil and let the pudding bake for another 25 mins (until it starts to puff in the middle).
As the pudding cooled I quickly started the caramel sauce. I combined the sugar and water in a saucepan, heating until the sugar liquefied. I continued to cook until the sugar turned a medium amber color. Turned off the heat and then added the milk, softened butter, Bourbon and salt. Mixed to perfection!
I don't think delicious is a strong enough work to accurately describe this chocolate bread pudding....scrumptious AF maybe. I don't even know if there is a word. The sauce was such an indulgent touch. Not too sweet and with a hint of rich bourbon flavor. I'm so happy I got to share this dish with family! So worth the wait! One of the best parts is that it saves well. I warmed up a scoop this evening, and some chilled bourbon sauce and my mouth almost wasn't prepared for it! So good and satisfying! My mouth already misses it!
Thanks! Bunny
This was my last piece...note the sad bunny...
Behind the scenes...

Friday, November 10, 2017

Little Damage Magic

Tucked into a busy corner in the heart of LA lies Little Damage. An adorably catchy soft serve ice cream shop, that i'm sure you've heard of. 
They popped up all over Facebook with awesome charcoal black ice-cream cones and equally colorful ice creams! It was all I had ever wanted in life, ice cream cones...yes as black as my soul. They looked so yummy! It took forever but Craig and I actually planned a SoCal trip, so I made sure Little Damage was our first stop in LA! 
First impression...SO CUTE! And they decorated for Halloween! These were my people! A few neon signs hung in the shop and they even have a photo-booth to commemorate your visit, completely free too. 
We tried a few of their flavors and I had already made up my mind to try the black ice cream...but then I tasted the Unicorn Tears. Sweet mother of god! Perfection! I can't pass up anything cake batter. I even got to choose some sprinkles to add to the unicorn magic! The black ice cream was yummy too, kind of an icy berry. Next time we are in LA I'll have to get a scoop. Craig went for the Smore Taco which looked amazing. He ate it so fast I didn't even get to try LOL!
I reluctantly left the sweet smelling shop but I did have a huge black ice cream cone filled with blue unicorn tears and two googly eyes. Little Damage, thank have my heart!
If you are ever in LA, check them out. Little Damage is family owned and rotate their flavors seasonally and add in some creative creations. So you never know what you will find!
Cheers, Bunny