When I am not trying to take over the world.......I mean cooking... you can find me either scrap-booking (a lost art form really), painting or improving my modeling skills!
I wanted to give a shout out to some of the wonderful photographers I have been working with! They are so professional, creative and talented. 
Most recently Craig and I got to work with Adriane, for our wedding. Her aesthetic is so soft and whimsical that I just fell in love!
Photographer: Adriane White

Hex Bomb! 
I love these both bombs from Bella Muerte. 
So fun and I am already cooking up a few different photo-shoot ideas! Here are some from my first experience with Black as Your Soul. 
Photographer: Syd Indman
                                                             Wisteria Faye
Moonlight Faye
                                Lothlorien Woods
Halloween Creepy Creature

Photographer: Rachel Radcliffe


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-Cake Bunny