Pleased to meet you! 
I'm Shelley and I live in Santa Cruz with my awesome guy Craig and our 4 kitties! Each of us brought two cats into the equation...yikes! These five are my moon and stars so I am okay with being a crazy cat lady! 

I was raised in the California sun, living in a few different places near the coast, but have always enjoyed traveling and seeing other states and countries. When I was little my parents would take me and my little brother on long crazy camping trips. Once we drove up to Canada stopping at every camping park and KOA camp along the way! 

While I was attending collage at CSUCI I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Japan through EFTours! http://www.eftours.com/ There I met one of my best-friends and made some great memories!

After that I wanted to take every opportunity for adventure, leading me to Italy, Greece, Egypt, the Caribbean and Roatan. My biggest life goal is to see every country and immerse myself in the culture and experience the different culinary delights that they offer. Each country is so different and the style of each meal is so unique, that I hope to try them all someday. Could you imagine real French Macaroons and chocolate straight from Belgium.
A few of my other passions are cinema, art, animals and conservation, photography, scrap-booking, modeling and of course creating tasty treats. As I decided to dedicate most of my blog to recipes it occurred to me that I am not the best cook. Sure I know my way around cake/cookie mixes but as far as anything more complicated I am at a loss.... and I really want to change that! Make my momma proud! 

Thanks for checking out my blog, new posts soon.

Ps. I firmly believe in dessert first, you should never deny yourself the happiness of your favorite sweet. xoxo