Behind the Cake

Howdy and thank you for visiting my little blog!
This bunny was raised in the California sun, living in a few different places near the coast and am now planted in Santa Cruz.
This blog started with my obsession for True Blood. It is still my favorite show and it's southern roots really spoke to me. When I first laid eyes on the HBO Show's Cookbook it was love at first sight. So, this blog is a creative outlet but also dedicated to sharing my experiences with travel, cuisine and fitness. 
When I am not working you can find me trying out new recipes, at Barre, collaborating with photographers and booking vacations. The travel bug hit me early in life, from traveling with my parents to my first solo trip abroad in Japan. Seeing the world opened my soul! After that I wanted to take every opportunity for adventure, leading me to Italy, Greece, Egypt, Roatan and Ireland. My biggest life goal is to see every country and immerse myself in the culture and experience the different culinary delights that they offer. 
Ps. I firmly believe in dessert first, you should never deny yourself the happiness of your favorite sweet. xoxo