Saturday, August 29, 2015

Meaty Brunch


Made a yummy meat-tastic breakfast for Craig!

Starting with 3 eggs, ham, shredded cheese, a sprinkle of hot sauce, dash of milk and some pepper. I added a piece of toasted bread with butter for the base.

Then finished with some crispy bacon! Yum! Craig was a fan but might need to save some for later, it's quite filling.

Happy Saturday!! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Fleur De Force: FleurDeForce for Eylure: My NEW Collection!

Fleur De Force: FleurDeForce for Eylure: My NEW Collection!: I'm so excited to finally be writing this post! Many months ago, I had my first meeting with Eylure. Being asked to have a meeting with...

Monday, August 17, 2015

All Mixed Up Red Beans and Rice

Howdy!! Yesterday I made some Red Beans and Rice which turned out great. Thanks Sam!

The recipe is similar to the Jambalaya with the biggest difference being that the rice is cooked separately. That turned out to be helpful for me because the broth gets a tad spicy...i'm a wimp! 

First you soak the beans overnight then rinse and sort the next day. I found that if you are in a time crunch a can of kidney beans works well too. To start, cook the bacon fat on medium heat and add in the onion, celery, bell pepper and cayenne pepper. Sprinkle the salt and pepper as well. 
After the veggies are browning/golden add in the bay leaves, salt pork, ham and sausage.
Let the meat cook until pieces are beginning to brown and tender, then add in the beans. Stir and add in water so veggies and meat are submerged, about 1 inch. 
Let cook, stirring intermittently for about an hour. The book says to cook for 2 hours but it really didn't need that long. Add more water if it become too dry/thick.

*I added some black beans to make the dish more complex and who doesn't like black beans?!
Next, take a wooden spoon and mash half of the dish to one side of the pot and continue stirring until the mixture is creamy and beans are soft. About 35-40 mins. The dish should begin to thicken into more of a soup (not watery)...completely enveloping each piece with flavor. 
Remove the bay leaves and serve with rice and garnish with green onion and parsley.

Voila! Dinner for the next few days!! 
I am so happy with how this turned out. It was nice to make something so hardy and flavorful. The beans and veggies were delicious with the rice. Great combo! 

I knew I did good when I caught Craig eating some out of the fridge (left-over container). He gave it a "Sublime"!
   Thanks, Bunny

Lou Pine's Special

Howdy Everyone! 
It was about time to make another cocktail! YAY!! he he
I guess all the wedding planning has been on my mind these days but what could go better with planning than a good drink!?

For the Lou Pine's Special I mixed Rum, Moonshine, ginger beer and blood orange juice together with a splash of lime.
I was surprised at the taste. I expected the Moonshine and ginger beer to make it bitter and hard to drink, at least for me, but I was wrong. In fact this in one of my new favorites, it's up there with the Necromancer! 
The ginger beer and blood orange mix add a mildly sweet and refreshing flavor! Perfect for a hot afternoon. YUMMY!

Pretty sure I will be making these in the future he he!
Thanks for watchingUntil next time, Bunny

Friday, August 7, 2015

Feminine Beauty

Hi there!

I wanted to share something I got to be a part of. A photographer, Logan, took photos of over 100 women, all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities around Old Fort Ord in Sand City California. The gallery opening is this Saturday at 4pm. 

I may be attending alone...but I am excited for all the new faces I will meet and I'm honored to be a part of something so wonderful! Logan was a treat to work with and his love of traditional photography was refreshing. Fort Ord gave the perfect backdrop as well!

“I thought the setting, the contrast between beauty, femininity, the female form, and the harsh, rough space of Fort Ord, really worked,” Logan Norton says.

Please take a look at the link for more info. He also plans on making a photobook and intends to donate the book proceeds to No More Tears, a nonprofit for victims of domestic violence.

Fort Ord : Beauty opens 4-7 pm Saturday at Sylvan Design, 613 Ortiz Ave., Sand City CA

It was even in A Monterey news article:

-One Happy Bunny

Asking People If They Think Steven Spielberg Actually Killed A Dinosaur

This is so bad....what is wrong with these kids!!