Friday, August 7, 2015

Feminine Beauty

Hi there!

I wanted to share something I got to be a part of. A photographer, Logan, took photos of over 100 women, all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities around Old Fort Ord in Sand City California. The gallery opening is this Saturday at 4pm. 

I may be attending alone...but I am excited for all the new faces I will meet and I'm honored to be a part of something so wonderful! Logan was a treat to work with and his love of traditional photography was refreshing. Fort Ord gave the perfect backdrop as well!

“I thought the setting, the contrast between beauty, femininity, the female form, and the harsh, rough space of Fort Ord, really worked,” Logan Norton says.

Please take a look at the link for more info. He also plans on making a photobook and intends to donate the book proceeds to No More Tears, a nonprofit for victims of domestic violence.

Fort Ord : Beauty opens 4-7 pm Saturday at Sylvan Design, 613 Ortiz Ave., Sand City CA

It was even in A Monterey news article:

-One Happy Bunny