Sunday, May 22, 2016

Madame Nesle de la Tourelle’s Slippery Nipple

Hi everyone! 
Outlander is back and the much anticipated Outlander Cookbook is almost here!! I am so excited! Hopefully I get it for my upcoming birthday...wink wink Craig. For now here is a link to webpage in case you want to get more familiar with the recipes. 

Chef Theresa Carle-Sanders has really outdone herself with each dish. Taking bits and pieces from the books/show. I wanted to start off small...but yummy... so I decided to make a few cocktails. First on the list...Madame Nesle de la Tourelle’s Slippery Nipple. 
I love a good shot and this one was so perfectly paired with Madame's erotic fashion. 
1 oz of Sambuca
1 oz of Bailey's Irish Cream
1 Blueberry
I loved the instructions for this simple shot...just too perfect! Plus here is one of the cookbooks pics, much better than mine!
"Pour the sambuca into a shot glass, then pour the Bailey’s gently down the backside of a spoon to float it on top. To make this an authentic “Nesle Nipple,” float a small blueberry in the middle before serving...Sláinte!"
I was actually impressed with myself that I got the Baileys to float on top...took a few tries though he he!
As I took the shot I tasted the sweetness of the Baileys right away and then the liquorice in the Sambuca! The liquorice lingered in my mouth, tingling my tongue. Such a simple drink with quite the punch! While I don't like liquorice I did not mind it this time. Must be the mix with the Irish Cream!

Seeing as how the fashion in Outlander is so extravagant, I had to add a few pictures of my favorites! Claire is such a lucky girl...that red dress was AMAZING!! 

My immediate response to seeing the garden scene dress was "Yes, I need that on my body!" So beautiful!!

Thanks for readin! 


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