Monday, August 17, 2015

Lou Pine's Special

Howdy Everyone! 
It was about time to make another cocktail! YAY!! he he
I guess all the wedding planning has been on my mind these days but what could go better with planning than a good drink!?

For the Lou Pine's Special I mixed Rum, Moonshine, ginger beer and blood orange juice together with a splash of lime.
I was surprised at the taste. I expected the Moonshine and ginger beer to make it bitter and hard to drink, at least for me, but I was wrong. In fact this in one of my new favorites, it's up there with the Necromancer! 
The ginger beer and blood orange mix add a mildly sweet and refreshing flavor! Perfect for a hot afternoon. YUMMY!

Pretty sure I will be making these in the future he he!
Thanks for watchingUntil next time, Bunny