Icing on Top

Here are a few pics of my favorite cooking and snuggling buddies! 
First up...My Jacky! 
My darling Jack has been with me for awhile now, through a few apartments, boyfriends and waistlines LOL! He has so many names: Jack, Jacky, Jackzilla, Mooshi (don't ask, it came to me when I was away in Japan), Jackimo, and Black Jack. Jack has to be the most personable cat I have ever met or had. He doesn't think like a cat...he doesn't even know the language.
I really don't know where he came from either. One day he ran up to my mom while she was working in a small shop in the Discovery Bay harbor. Just meowing a tiny kitten meow. She called me and I came down in seconds (of course). He was running around her store and I scooped him up and said, "I shall call you Jack!" and that was that. Now 8 years later I couldn't imagine life without him.
            My Joon-bug! An adorable little bug catcher that prefers to spend her days sitting in our very girly guest room on a pillow, on the bed. 

Max and Mikka my adopted fur babies. I love being able to provide a happy home for them, aren't they cute! 

And of course my husband Craig! We met through a dating site lol. He works as a drug and alcohol counselor here in Santa Cruz and is working on his MFT license. Such a smart dude.