Monday, August 18, 2014

Gumbo Ya Ya

Hey there!! 

Watching the 2nd episode of True Blood right now...may have to finish this in the morning BUT I made Gumbo! 

....Okay I am back. What an episode! No spoilers but the Ginger scene is worth watching again and again and again! The BEST!

Okay here are pics from my Gumbo Ya Ya, which I brought into work today. I think it will go just as fast as my Jambalaya did! This is another Lafayette (La La) recipe, that boy sure knows how to cook! he he

I started off combining the oil and flour to make a nice roux. You want to make sure it gets a little thicker and turns a darker brown color.
Kind of funny and terrifying, you will notice a picture below of my glass dutch oven/pot with the roux....well that was right before it apparently got to hot and literally exploded. I would have taken a picture if I wasn't so freaked out. My kitchen was covered with sauce and shards of glass. I regrouped with the help of Craig and proceeded to use an older blue pot. Geeeesh! I liked that glass least it went out with a bang! LOL

Add the onion, bell pepper and celery...cook until soft. Then add about 10 cups of broth. Make sure to stir well and then add the chicken and bay leaves and thyme. 
After the chicken has cooked for about 2 hours (please check to make sure), you can add in the green onion and parsley. 

Try to remove the bay leaves but they can be hard to find. This is when you can add in the sausage and cook for another 30 mins on low heat. 
Meanwhile cook up some rice to add to the dish, for serving. 
Gumbo turned out great! Really delicious and filling. 
I thought it would be too similar to the Jambalaya but it turned out to have a whole different taste, much more of a chicken soup. I really enjoyed it.
Doesn't Jack look amused...I think he is upset that I didn't let him taste-test