Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mozaic-Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week in Santa Cruz is here again! With lots and lots of restaurants participating! 

My friend and I wanted to try something new, that we wouldn't normally eat so Mozaic with it's Mediterranean cuisine seemed like a perfect fit. 

I was a little apprehensive at first...Mozaic had taken over one of my favorite places, Louie's Cajun Bourbon Bar. Louis had moved due to an increase in rent but have not yet reopened elsewhere...so sad! 
But I digress....as we entered, the atmosphere was busy but fun and lively. The design had changed from New Orleans Bourbon street to beautifully tiled counters and glass light orb fixtures. Fancy but not at all stuffy.
To start we ordered a few drinks, then picked out dishes off the fixed Restaurant Week menu. I chose the Spanakopita, Salmon and Baklava. 

The spanakopita was really delicious but almost too much he he! The salmon was spot on....perfect and not too fishy, plus who doesn't like some rice along with it. 
 Craig ordered the Calamari, Lamb and Beef Gyro dish and Pistachio Pudding. The pudding was...interesting. It had a lot of rose in it...so to me it tasted like eating perfume. My friend and her husband seemed to enjoy it. 
The Baklava was yummy...maybe a little too sweet for me...and I love sweet. It was just dripping with honey. I could only eat one...maybe I'm not used to anything that rich anymore :( Darn you "healthy" diet! 
Overall Mozaic was a delight and the manager was super nice as well. It will be fun to go back and try other dishes.

 For more info on Restaurant Week Follow this link  http://www.santacruzrestaurantweek.com/