Monday, December 12, 2016

All Mixed Up Red Beans and Rice

When we visited New Orleans I tried a few different red bean and rice dishes and I loved them...minus the meat he he! They also went great with beignets. So I wanted to make my own and since it's been a while I went straight for my True Blood Cookbook! Oh True Blood how I miss you. I did make this before...but it had been a while! 
Check me out!
Here is an abridged Sam's Red Beans and Rice! YUM! 
First step, soak the beans in a pot with a few inches of water overnight. In the morning drain any left over water. 
Next cut up your onion, celery and bell pepper. Heat the bacon fat in a pot then add in the veggies, pepper and cayenne and stir until they are golden. 
Cut up the sausage and ham then add to your golden veggies. We opted to forgo the salt pork and added a pinch of salt to the mix. Stir until meat is slightly browned and then add in the red beans and water. 
Make sure to add enough water so that the mixture is covered. Let cook for a few hours, stirring occasionally. Of course Jack got a piece too...but what's new ha ha!  Next take a wooden spoon and mash half of the mix to one side, breaking up the beans a bit. While you wait, make your rice to add to the dish! We opted for brown rice this time around. Continue stirring for another 30 mins until beans are soft and then serve.
There you have beans and rice! Delish!
Cheers! Bunny