Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chocolate Dream

Oh my LORD! This place has the best hot was like drinking a souffle! 
I would definitely recommend. 
The butternut squash was delicious as well, very flavorful and rich. Craig had the swordfish and enjoyed the plates unique flavors. I tried more than a few bites and loved it too. 

 The hot I said...was a dream! Craig enjoyed the mocha/bitter sweet chocolates. They both came with biscotties/cookies and whip cream.

This is the swordfish with pomegranates on top, giving it a little tang. 

 The coconut cream pie was of course yummy...mostly whip cream lol. The chocolate cake and truffle were delish if you like dark chocolate, as Craig does :)

We tried to finished it all he he! All three courses were a bit much for us but it was totally worth it. YUM! 

We will definitely have to go back sometime, for some more cocoa!