Sunday, October 26, 2014

Screaming Ginger

I have been really missing our dearly departed True Blood lately. So I decided that I should make a few more items from their drinks/cookbooks. 
This weekend, it's the Screaming perfect! 

The Screaming Ginger was really refreshing and delicious. I ended up using a pineapple-orange mix due to time restraints but it worked, I think. The dark rum and Triple Sec mix well too and are not overpowering. 
The recipe tends to make A LOT and I had to put some into another pitcher, in order to add the ice and club soda, but it is great if you are having guests.

  I did make a bit of a mess (check out the video) LOL!
The orange juice makes it taste like a screwdriver with pizzazz! Crazy Ginger pizzazz! Definitely give it a try.
 Looks like this is what i will be having today!