Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sleeping Beauty

Good Morning, 
I have a pre-wedding confession. My main inspiration and design will be based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. That's right, you heard me lol! 
Now this is by no means a Disney wedding, there will just be small details, that upon further inspection, ring of my favorite princess.  

So why Sleeping Beauty? 
I love the story...in all it's forms. The dark, twisted thorns and pregnancy to the Disney Briar Rose, toppling over cake and color changing dress. She is also one of the princesses that still has her mother, which I didn't really put together until reading fan theories and Walt's history...so sad! Still, the story resonates with me. 
On a deeper note, I feel like I have slept for most of my life. Only now, truly awake. My anxiety and depression left me with a few wasted years and in a total fog. While I still battle with myself each day...I am happy. I feel like the real me is here now and enjoying everything life has to offer. Plus it helps that I have found real true love. 
Craig is my prince and I love him for it! 

Wedding details:
The dress....of course I am not going to post a picture but I assure you it is perfect.

Colors: Blush, Ivory, Gold and touches of Powder Blue and Sage.

Theme: Romantic and whimsical. Each of the three bridesmaids will be in either red, green or blue and there will be light touches of the fairy tale all around (spinning wheel charm on bouquet etc.) Plus a table of sweets and cake.  There will also be a few surprises to help create the overall romantic vibe. 

Thanks for reading! I hope to post more wedding ideas...I do have until October he he! Yay for planning ahead.