Monday, July 11, 2016

Laoghaire's Whisky Sour

Morning Outlander Fans!
Saturday night I watched the finale (of Outlander) and it still sits heavy with me today. Such a beautiful episode. My eyes filled with tears at Claire's memories and their dance toward the stones. I could see the emotion and love as they were forced to part. Sam and Caitriona did a wonderful job! I still can't believe the season is already over BUT I do have the cookbook to keep me company. Thank you Theresa he he!

Feeling a bit sour about the end, I thought it perfect to start with Laoghaire's Whisky Sour, it just sounded yummy and I was correct! 
Start by stirring together 2 tablespoons of hot water with 2 tablespoons of honey until it's dissolved, then add 2 oz of whiskey and 2 tablespoons of lemon, freshly squeezed. In the OK cookbook it says to use bourbon...but online it says whiskey...unsure about what to use, we chose one of Craig's favorites, Green Spot Irish Whiskey(I hope Theresa won't mind). Then I add crushed ice and a lemon curl and there you have it! A slightly sweet and rich Whiskey Sour. Craig liked it very much and said it was better than any Whiskey Sour he has ordered at a bar. The lemon and honey were perfect! 
As Theresa Carle-Sanders adds: "The perfectly naturally sweet, lightly sour whisky cocktail for a hot summer's evening, whether you shot someone that day or not." he he!
Cheers! Thanks for, a lovely almond cream pastry!-Bunny