Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Bath in Each

I love bathes....the porcelain (hopefully), bubbles and hot water completely warming you straight to the bone. On our trip I came across some awesome tubs! Each so different and each worth a try! Here are a few pics of my favorites! I didn't know I was gonna write a post about them so the photos aren't that great sorry!

Simple and modern bath with greenish water...hopefully straight from a well ha ha!

Shower/Bath with half door, less modern but big and comfy! The more European half doors were strange at first but even with a bath it was nice to have one side open...so I could still drink my tea! 

Hayfield Manor

Shower/Bath with half door as well. Bathroom was small but the tub was nice and big and I loved the marble. 

The K Club
 This was the last tub on our trip and the biggest! Lots of items to try including some nice salts. Plus there was even a rubber ducky! I loved the faucet...it looked like a complicated old phone and there was a tray for other items...but I didn't spend that long in the bath he he!
Such a fancy bathroom I had to try out my new ballet skirt!
Thanks, Bunny