Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The K Club

Our final stop and last night in Ireland was The K Club in Kildare. This pristine 5 star country club had so much to offer and sadly we didn't get to see much of it. Please check out their webpage, bottom of post, this place is HUGE and just stunning. Our few photos really do not do it justice. Check-in was smooth which was nice, considering we were tired from our travels. We had stopped in Waterford for the day and the Nicholas Mosse Pottery house on our way up.
Staff were very helpful and offered to bring our items to our room, the Fitzgerald. This time they used a trolley/bag cart! We were shocked at the room they gave us...it had a sitting room, walk in closet and a gigantic bathtub! You can see more of my love for the tub in my A Bath in Each post he he! The only problem was the bed...which Craig found out the hard way. He dove onto it and much to his surprise it wasn't a king but two twins put together and he landed right in the middle. Ouch!
 Decor fit with the overall feel of the country club, fancy but cozy and antiqued. Our room was very dim inside much like the rest of the hotel. It could have been because we were there later in the day and it was a bit dreary out. Our bellhop must have tried a million switches to give us more light but he couldn't figure it out he he! We did not mind the dim light, it was the evening and we planned to sleep soon.
 Once settled, Craig and I went downstairs for dinner, admiring the artwork along the way. I loved the unicorn tapestry they had hanging above a mantle. So pretty!
We ate at The K Club's River Room Restaurant and much to our surprise there were not many guests. They seated us in the middle of two other couples, one German and the other French. The room was big too and really quiet. That had to be one of the most awkward dinners we've had lol! Service was good though and our meal tasty. Craig's winning streak continued as his steak was perfect!
After dinner we walked around the K Club and took a closer look at their unique rooms. All decorated differently with big couches, chandeliers and fireplaces. I loved the furniture and patterns as well. This couch (below) had a pretty blue pattern that went well with their hydrangeas and purple flowers. Coincidentally my favorite thing at our first Castle was there many colorful hydrangeas! Funny!
Back in our room I took advantage of their huge tub, nice photo op he he! Actually Craig went outside for a quick smoke and instead of starting my bath right away I was super sneaky! 
He had expressed that he really liked this Guinness watch in the store cases down stairs. I quickly called the front desk but since it was late in the evening they did not have the key. Staff were so sweet and offered to order it etc. But I reassured them that I could find it online and have it sent to our home in time for Christmas.
So there I was, naked and heart racing, nervously surfing the web! It didn't take long to find the watch so I ordered it, closed the laptop and jumped into the half full tub. Craig returned a few mins later and was none the wiser! Muahaha!
That night we tucked ourselves in and dreamt of staying in Ireland indefinitely. The K Club was so lovely, hopefully we could visit again and be able to truly enjoy all it offers. Before we left that next morning, I wanted to note that staff brought us coffee, cocoa and some pastries to-go! So sweet of them!!! They were making it hard to leave. 
This trip had been so magical...the only negative, if it could be called that, is that we simply wanted more...more of everything! Thank you Ireland for the wonderful stay. We will miss you dearly!
Thanks! -Bunny
See it here: http://www.kclub.ie/