Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Heavenly Hayfield Manor

I wasn't sure about Hayfield Manor until we pulled up. It was tucked inside the city of Cork near the University and it seemed really busy. But as we approached the Manor's big gates it was indeed a hidden gem! This was no castle but it might well have been he he! I have been using the word grand a lot in these posts...but no other word seems to fit so perfectly.

Inside, the manor's main floor had desks set up to the left, entrances to dinning areas to the right and a HUGE stairway in the middle curving up in two directions. I love stair cases like these, I always envisioned having one like this someday. Staff were very sweet, congratulated us and then guided us to our room. A bell boy brought our luggage up a few mins later. 
So this room was the best and biggest room I think we have even been in! It was huge, the bed was lush and comfy and there was even a little putting green he he! I mean who has a chase-lounge in their room....fancy people! That's who! Plus some yummy chocolates and a nice note!
We didn't want to leave our posh room but we were a bit hungry so we headed downstairs. My sweet tooth got the best of me so we ordered a slice of carrot cake!! The cake took me back to our wedding...so yummy and rich. Plus I smooshed it into Craig's face which was pretty funny!
 Along with the amazing room Hayfield Manor had a Leisure Center with a pool, hot tub and steam room! This was connected to an onsite Spa as well. We were impressed! Plus the pool was indoor and a nice temperature. It felt so good to swim and Craig was missing his daily hot-tubing!
Breakfast was amazing....they had everything! Hot food, cold food items...yogurt, berries and granola in mason jars! It was all so good! They even had these detox drinks...see below...that I helped myself to! Of course I tried their french toast and was not disappointed he he! Cocoa was spot on and Craig loved his pastries and omelet! The food area had a big honeycomb that you could cut chunks of honey goodness off for your meal. I have never seen that before! 
Craig and I went exploring around the Cork area including the Titanic Experience and Jameson Brewery. Both were fun...well Titanic was a bit somber he he! There is also a Titanic restaurant that had some really good burgers. They even had a veggie one for me! 
 Back at the Manor we hung out in our room for a bit and then went downstairs for dinner. Along our way we saw a case with items you could purchase and there next to a few robes was (almost) the exact Jellycat bunny Craig had given me at our wedding. Crazy! 
Dinner was good, nothing too crazy. I have to gush about bread again ha ha! It was so delicious, hardy and just lovely with some butter. I didn't like my pear salad too much but it was fun to try something new. I believe Craig had the Irish Beef rib but I could be mistaken. He liked it of course, I don't think there has been one dish he didn't like on this trip lol! 

We opted to skip dessert and instead order room service! So that night we snuggled up in our soft fluffy bed, ate petite fours with a chocolate brownie cake and watched Walking Dead on Amazon. I had never been so cozy and content ha ha ha! What a beautiful way to end the day!
In the morning we chose some "lighter" breakfast options... oatmeal, yogurt etc. and like all the castles before, took our time to eat and soak up all the wonders this place offered. I already knew that I would want to visit again some day and stay a bit longer. Two days wasn't enough. 
Craig and I felt so fortunate to be able to stay at Hayfield Manor. Thanks Exploring Vacations for the recommendation. Their service, food and accommodations are top notch!
Thanks for reading, Bunny