Friday, June 3, 2016

High Fitness Love

As the first ten mins passed I could feel my body my soul needed to sweat. Doing our second set of lunges I quickly surveyed the room. Good...I wasn't the only one having balance issues ha ha! The music started to pick up again and we shifted to our next set of moves. Each girl now with beads of determination collecting on their skin. 
This was...and is...High Fitness. 
High Fitness was originally started by these lovely ladies, Emily Nelson and Amber Zenith and they are quickly making their presence knownCheck out this news report on them HERE
I should have written about HF sooner, it's been maybe my 10th class and while it has been a bit brutal, it's fun! I don't think I have ever jumped so much in my life LOL! Thanks to Ashley, studio owner, The Barre Studio in Capitola was lucky to pick this new technique up and we have all gotten hooked. HF involves choreographed moves but is about bringing in cardio and toning sets. Working to shape certain muscle groups. I think it's going to be more than a craze, it really does yield results. There is one set where we jump forward punching the air and it always makes me think that Ashley is building a small army of punching squat jumping warriors. We will take over!
 High completely helps to motivate me even on my most sluggish days. I always dread the beginning and then as our last set starts to wind down I am so proud of myself. 
I would definitely recommend trying HF. I know you can make it through the first 10 mins and you'll be on your way toward glory! Here's a pic from the Studios first class! 
MWAH! -Bunny