Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dorne Breakfast

Good Morning!

The Game of Thrones finale is almost here! Yikes! I feel like it just I wanted to celebrate this wondrous show with a nod to Dorne in all its sun-drenched glory.
So beautiful! 

From the Game of Thrones Cookbook here is breakfast from Dorne!
To start I chopped up the peppers and minced half to make about three tablespoons. Same with the onions. *I was asked to not saute too many peppers/onions
Then put 4 to 5 tbls of olive oil in a pan on med. heat. 

 Cook chopped peppers and onions until soft. Add 1 ice cube and cover. This helps steam the veggies. After about 5 mins set veggies aside (in another container) but keep warm.
Next saute the minced peppers and onions in the pan for about 1 min. Add in the 6 eggs, do not stir. 
 Sprinkle the cheese over eggs while they cook then sprinkle salt and pepper. *I used some salt from our Try The World box! Next scramble the eggs until whites are no longer runny. Once this happens, remove from heat and serve. Place the chopped veggies on the side. 
Craig really liked this dish and not only was this Dorne breakfast yummy but it was also colorful! he he 
It was fun to put an old world twist on a familiar breakfast. 
Now we wait for GOT and make some Lemonsweet he he! Thanks for reading!