Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Honest Anxiety

Hi there!
I can easily say that I don't know anyone without some sort of anxiety, including myself. We all just deal with it indifferent ways. So I wanted to share something that has been working for me....cardio.

I know I know...you've heard this before....well I was right there with you. I never really committed to exercise, until now. 
So after years of going through numerous psychologists, psychiatrists, medications and a short visit to a behavioral facility I found that nothing was really working for my anxiety. There was still this crazy emptiness and panic. Then, due to our looming nuptials and an urge to lose some baby fat, I started to add daily cardio to the mix. 

It did take time for me to settle into a good routine...slowly increasing my time on the elliptical. After awhile I noticed that I was sleeping better and worrying less. Then it began to feel strange... i was looking forward to cardio....to being sweaty...to feeling accomplished. Who was I? I wanted to go as fast as I possibly could....take out all the nerves. Who was this girl? I even started Barre which was so outside of my comfort zone....but it wheeled results both mentally and physically. 
I knew that I wanted to keep it up and be a healthier person, so I spoke with my Reese Witherspoon looking Physician about lowering my meds and trying this more natural approach. I mean...she haaaad often mentioned that exercise was a great choice ha ha!

I kept it up, but as it so often happens, I got busy and certain non-exercise things came up. At first I didn't understand why I was feeling sad...why my anxieties were making a come-back. I thought that perhaps I was just exhausted or sick.....but that wasn't it. I was unhappy, uncomfortable and panicking. Then it suddenly dawned on me...I had not been working out. 
Total face-palm moment. I wasn't giving my body the natural dopamine and endorphins it craved. I could feel my legs craving the movement. That's when it really clicked for me. Exercise was aiding in my mental health. 

So, anxiety will always be part of me, but now I know how to help myself. Exercise has already made an impact in my life. Hopefully, as I keep growing into this stronger new person, I won't need anything...extra...just some time being active!
It's really a beautiful thing and I say to anyone having issues, please give it a try. It will be hard at first but it is worth the effort. Your mind will thank you.