Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Get Ready!

Game of Thrones is almost over for the season....feels like it just started :( 

With the finale coming up I decided to pay homage to Dorne with a Dorne breakfast! It has been exciting to see the beautiful landscape and something other than shivering Northmen he he!

I will be making a spicy breakfast dish and Lemonsweet. Possibly something else for dinner...but we'll see. 

Oh and a few things. How cool was that White Walker scene last week!!! The episode just started with the usual dialogue...then BAM...horror movie creepiness! 
Completely a feast for the eyes!

Stannis WTF!! I mean I get it...magic but come on! I love how she was reading about Dance with Dragons. I see what you did there.
Daeny is possibly the coolest character ever created. Her story lags a bit in the middle but in this last episode it finally took off, pun intended! The moment I am sure most people were waiting for. Drogon came to her rescue and they took off into the sky. She is a dragon rider now! YES! I just waited for them to pan to Tyrion's face....priceless. That had to be worth his trip! Amazing! I wanted that so badly! LOL
Plus she forgave Jorah....I was totally crying like a baby! 
Thanks, Bunny